Find out more about Solidarcomm’s partner organisations- PRO and Helvetrade.


PRO is a non-profit foundation created in 1987. Its mission is to offer work to people excluded from traditional labour markets because of their disabilities.

PRO employs over 300 employees, including 200 disabled staff and 30 people with solidarity employment contracts. With its employees from a range of professional backgrounds and skills, as well as having a turnover of 15 million Swiss francs per annum, PRO is able to self-finance over 80% of its activities through production.

Its principal areas of activity include:
- The catering industry: four restaurants, school canteen services and a catering service
- Multiservices: packaging products, stuffing envelopes, industrial cleaning services and launderette outlets
- Carpentry: traditional woodwork, construction and renovation
- Industry Services: wiring and assembling electric devices and electronic and mechanical equipment
- Signalling and Marking: engraving and creating signage
- Administration Services with "Cheque service"

Parallel to these activities, the Professional and Evaluation Centre sets up internships for people who request infirmity insurance (AI, or assurance-invalidité in Swiss-French), as well as for people who have been unemployed on a long-term basis.

In order to ensure that these work placements continue to exist, PRO works with its clients to create long-term partnerships that are highly performing in terms of social, economic and ecological outcomes.

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With a team whose cumulative experience spans 20 years, Helvetrade continues to evolve within the industry of electronic consumer goods.

With significant expertise in this area, Helvetrade’s competences today range from international negotiations to re-marketing or arranging mass stock clearance sales for unsold products, repairing smartphones, tablets, telephones and finally, updating and improving secondhand phones.
It is through this last activity mentioned that Helvetrade is involved with the work of Solidarcomm.

Thanks to its worldwide network of contacts and clients, Helvetrade has successfully established itself as a serious and dynamic actor within the electronics market. Based in Lausanne, the company maintains several relationships with its various partners and clients.

By supporting Solidarcomm, Helvetrade is involved in an activity that promotes environmental responsibility and social inclusion.
Additionally, Helvetrade offers repair services for smartphones and tablets. Simple, quick and efficient, there is no longer any need to go into a store to repair update your phone.

Helvetrade will send you an envelope lined with bubble wrap in order to send them the phone. Upon arrival in the Lausanne workshop, it is taken care of and repaired. It is then sent back to you free of charge and without delay. 5% of the amount of money raised from this then goes towards the work of Terre des Hommes Suisse.