The South

Complementary to its Solidarcomm programme in Switzerland, Terre des Hommes Suisse supports its partner organisation SPAN (among others), which helps disadvantaged youth learn to repair cell phones.


Recycling Electronic waste in the South

Even if repaired on several occasions, electronic items will inevitably become waste. Metals and chemical-toxic substances found within mobile phones are obvious sources of pollution if they are not effectively recycled within good and reliable conditions.

We already know that each day, thousands of tons of electronic waste arrives illegally in the South countries. They are sent there for treatment, often without appropriate or necessary structures in place. For the sake of the physical health of these populations as well as for the safety of the environment, we have to stop this practice.

In Calcutta, India, Terre des Hommes Suisse supports the work of local partner SPAN, which stands for the Society for People’s Awareness. This non-governmental organisation helps more than 200 young people from four underprivileged neighborhoods in Calcutta to start their own microenterprises, for instance, in order to repair cell phones.


Proposing an alternative to young people working in the electronic waste industry

Terre des Hommes Suisse works with disadvantaged populations, and particularly with teenagers and children.

SPAN offers two solutions : Open Schools for those who have already dropped out of school as well as trainings for other possible career routes besides working in the electronic waste industry, which is so damaging to their health.

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