Our Solidarcomm project offers you as a teacher various possibilities for your school.

Firstly, we offer the possibility of displaying an educational exhibit about mobile phones : its economy, the phone’s components, the social aspects of the Global North compared to the Global South and the importance of recycling phones.
We also offer interactive activities designed to introduce these issues in class. They vary according to age, and are designed for young people 10 to 19 years old.

These interactive activities will :

  • Help the students become aware that our overconsumption of mobile phones has social and environmental consequences in the Global South. It shows how easy it is for anyone to get involved - by extending the lifespan of their mobile phone, by recycling old phones and by spreading the word about it.
  • Help young people become more responsible consumers and citizens.

How does this activity take place ?

Several sequences are done one after the other, during which students are invited to take a phone apart, discover how gold is extracted in Peru and debate on solutions within their reach for a fairer and more united world.
At the end of this activity, we offer students the possibility to become school ambassadors by organising a mobile phone collection. This gives them the chance to organise practical action if they have felt affected by the presentation.

You can also order ‘Allo t’es où?’ educational sheets to go into the subject with depth.

Contact us if you are interested in bringing these activities or the educational exhibit to your school, if you'd like the lesson plan, or even if you simply have a question.

The activities are available in both French and English.